Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blog Post #2...

And it has only been 4 months. Sorry for the has been crazy. Hampton arrived safely. He is now 4 months old. Braxton started kindergarten on Monday and Brewer started PK3 on Wednesday. Life is good. But, as much as I dreaded the thought of summer...and being home with 3 kids. I already miss it! We had such an awesome summer. Hanging out at the lake, going to the beach & enjoying the lazy days of summer. Well no more. We now spend an hour in the car each morning. Braxton has to be in his classroom by 8:30, so we leave the house @ 8am. Brewer can't go to school until 9, so we have to drive VERY SLOW (and eat breakfast in the car) to get to his school. Hampton & I have been making the gym by 9:15...yea for us. Then we have to get Brewer @ noon, come home for a while, until we get Braxton from school @ 2:50pm. So now we are into a new stage of life...REAL school. It should be a fun year! Braxton LOVES kindergarten. I can't believe we even toyed with the idea of holding him back. He has had 3 awesome days. He smiles when we pick him up. But, tells us about his GREAT days at school. It really makes a momma proud to have such a great little boy! (Who I still can't believe is old enough for REAL school)!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finally...I know!

Ok, I did it...I created a blog. After the urging of girlfriends, who all have blogs, I decided to create one! So this is it. I don't promise to post everyday, but will try...when our life is exciting! I will work on pictures, as I don't think I have taken many since Christmas. (We just spend 10 days in Alabama, and I don't think I ever pulled out my camera)! Well, this is the first, we will see what comes of it.. kay